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2023 Winners


  • Allison "Sonny" Kennedy for Nonprofit Industrial Hot Bitch


  • Kevin Griffin for Note the Tone

  • Kathleen McGookey for Cloud Reports

2023 Celery City Winners

2022 Local & State Winners

2022 Celery City Winners

2021 Local & State Winners

  • Beth Bullmer, for Rhubarb Pie Without Berries

  • Michelle Ringle-Barrett for The Once Whites of Women's Eyes

  • Diana Dinverno, for When Truth Comes Home to Roost

  • Joy Gaines-Friedler, for Stone on Your Stone

2021 Celery City Winners
Celery City 2020.jpg

2020 Local & State Winners

  • Gemma Weslowski, for Ouido

  • Simon Thalmann, for Pretty Haunted Meadow

  • Colleen Alles, for So What to Say to a Bird

2020 Celery City Winners
2019 Celery City Winners
2018 Celery City Winners

2018 Local & State Winners

River of Snow by Sophia Rivkin, of Detro
  • Scott Bade for My Favorite Thing About Desire

  • Margaret DeRitter for Fly Me to Heaven By Way of New Jersey 

  • Sophia Rivkin, of Detroit, for River of Snow

  • Janice Zerfas, of Eau Claire, for Head Shot

2020 Celery City Reading Flyer

2019 Local & State Winners

  • Emily Daniel, Life Line

  • Todd Mercer, Ingénue

  • Marc Sheehan, Minor Late Empire Diversions

  • Laszlo Slomovits, Masks & Blessings

2017 Local & State Winners

  • Polly Opsahl, of Oscoda, for Heartstorm

  • Michelle Bonczek Evory for A Roadside Attempt at Attraction 

  • Amber Pryor for Definitions of Grief

  • Julie Stotz-Ghosh for All Sky 

2016 Local & State Winners

  • Joe Gross for Everything at Rest is Waiting to Move

  • Nancy Nott for Poems in Two States

  • Steve Leggett, of Ann Arbor for Entropy in the New World

  • Amy Carpenter Leugs, of Grand Rapids, for The One Inside the Onion

2017 & 2016 Winners

2015 Local & State Winners

Objects May Appear Closer.jpg
  • Danna Ephland for A Small Acrylic Frame

  • Janeen Rastall, of Marquette, for Objects May Appear Closer

2015 Winners
2014 Winners

2014 Local & State Winners

destination michigan.jpg
  • Marci Rae Johnson, of Three Oaks, for A Dictionary of Theories

  • C.J. Giroux, of Saginaw, for Destination Michigan

  • Nicole Burchette Mattison, for Bone Totems

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