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As the publishing arm of Friends of Poetry, Inc., Celery City Books publishes chapbooks (through an annual chapbook competition) and on rare occasion, other books that tickle our fancy.

Celery City Chapbooks

2021 Winners

Celery City 2020

2020 Winners

Celery City 2019

2019 Winners

River of Snow by Sophia Rivkin, of Detro

2018 Winners

Everything at Rest is Waiting to Mov

2016 Winners

Objects May Appear Closer

2015 Winners

destination michigan

2014 Winners

A note about the chapbook covers: Friends of Poetry partners with Kellogg Community College’s Graphic Design Program to design the winning books. The poets choose from one of several book designs created by art students who are under the direction of Graphic Design Program Coordinator and Instructor Penny Rose.  

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