Celery City Chapbook Contest

Deadline: September 15


Two categories: Kalamazoo County and State of Michigan.

Requirements: 16-20 pages of poems, title page with name and contact info and a title page with only the name of the manuscript. Only one poem per page. Do not include artwork or photographs.


Fee: $10 for each entry.

Check or money order made out to Friends of Poetry and mailed to

Friends of Poetry

1815 Greenlawn Ave.

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

OR Submit the Contest Fee via PayPal (continue to mail or email the submission)

Submissions: Manuscripts may be mailed to the above address or emailed to friendsofpoetrykzoo@gmail.com.

We prefer email submissions.

Winners receive: 50 copies of their book with input on cover design and a reading at a local venue.

Further questions? Email friendsofpoetrykzoo@gmail.com